About Cooperatives

The Ise Katagami Cooperative Association was established on January 12, 1982. It was a unification of the “Ise Katagami Jigami Production Union” (paper), “Japan Chusen Katagami Cooperative Association” (yukata) and “Ise Katagami Sales Association” (kimono) organizations. The purpose of this co-op, which is a gathering of retailers of these products, is to revitalize the traditional handicraft industry. There are currently 13 members.

We are currently involved in numerous projects such as participating in undertakings of the Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries, assisting with the promotion of said activities, as well as participating in and planning a variety of other events. We also have held traditional experiences and exchange programs, including educational projects such as hands-on lessons at elementary schools and other educational institutions. Additionally, we are working to promote the development of new products or local brand items that make use of traditional techniques and technology. We also do other work such as oversee the management of the Suzuka Municipal Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts.


Name Ise Katagami Cooperative Association
Address 3-10-1 Jike, Suzuka-shi, Mie-ken
Established January 12, 1982
Area Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture
Members 13
Capital 1,300,000 yen
Executive Board Chairman, Vice-chairman, Managing Director, Director (4), Auditor (2)
Office 5 employees

Description of Business

  • Participate in the undertakings of the Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries
  • Promotion to support business activities
  • Participate in, present, and offer sales at various events
  • Provide auxiliary training to traditional craftsmen
  • Hold trainings for regions that produce traditional handicrafts and other workshops
  • Promote local brands initiatives
  • Oversee the Suzuka Municipal Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts

Member List


Osugi Katagamikogyo Co., Ltd

Our company primarily manufactures and sells interior decor, gifts, and katagami using the techniques of the traditional handicraft, Ise Katagami. We also sell silk screen photo printing materials. We oversee every aspect of the Ise Katagami crafting and sales process from creating the kataji, making designs, engraving, coloring, and more to best meet the needs of our customers. We offer sales through our storefront, as well as serving a vast number of clients through internet orders.
Contact Information
〒510-0243 3-8-6 Shiroko, Suzuka-shi, Mie-ken
Shop Information

Tamura Katagami

We deal in designs, assorted stencil dyeing, fabric overlaying, ornamental katagami, and more. The products we offer are designed to meet our customer’s requests.

Hosoai Senshigei Co., Ltd

Hosoai Senshigei Co., Ltd

We manufacture and sell a variety of katagami products. All made-to-order designs are hand carved and gauze stretched at our company. Stocked products include items made with push cutting, pull cutting, engraving, and chiseling techniques. We offer a wide variety of floral and other prints (kijaku, aizen, komon, kindami, etc.) suitable for dyeing and weaving. Both made-to-order and stocked products can be shipped all over Japan.

We also offer bookmarks, colored paper, and artistic frames, etc. We take orders by phone, FAX, post, and delivery service. We look forward to serving you.

Contact Information
〒510-0234 23-24 Ejima Honmachi, Suzuka-shi, Mie-ken
TEL:059-386-0614 FAX:059-387-1879
Kobayashi Katagami

Kobayashi Katagami

Business Outline
Manufacturing and sales of stencil dyed items
Furisode, tomisode, visiting dresses, komon, inden, etc.
Manufacturing and sales of fine art katagami
Orders accepted (framed pieces, paper crafts, sensu fans with komon designs, etc.)
Related product sales
Kimono, dress shirts, handkerchiefs, inden, sensu fans, etc.

※As there is no store, please contact us at TEL(059-386-1564).

Asao Katagami

Asao Katagami

Sales and manufacturing of medium-sized designs and various katagami

CEO Atsushi ASAO

Contact Information
〒510-0254 4-15-18 Jike, Suzuka-shi, Mie-ken
TEL:059-386-0333 FAX:059-386-7479

Sato Katagami

Manufacturing and sales of various stencil dyed products ranging from hand carved to photo screen.

Manufacturing and sales of “Shibu Akari” light fixtures and“Komon-print pictures” (products with komon patterns)

Please contact us by TEL/FAX or E-mail: sst@mecha.ne.jp with any questions.



Nanbu Tadaomi Shoten

We deal in making and designing chusen-style katagami (yukata, hand towels, etc.)
Please contact us by TEL. or FAX.

Contact Information


Since our establishment in 1924, we have worked tirelessly to enhance our designs and continue to produce many valuable patterns to express the Japanese culture that we have inherited.

In particular, we strive to brand OKOSHI-KATAGAMI with an emphasis on Ise Katagami patterns and design as our life’s work. In addition to Japanese-style clothing, we are seeking diversity and new sales ventures in the realms of architecture, interior design, and garments.

In January 2010, we showed at “Maison & Objet” in Paris, France where we received high praise from European architects and interior designers. In both 2011 and 2012, we also showed and held sales at “Première Vision INIDIGO” (in Paris), where the designs and patterns we sold were able to contribute to high fashion around the world.

By providing patterns and designs as a supplier of OKOSHI-KATAGAMI, we aim to support products with new possibilities and high added value, as well as providing items that value the tastefulness of hand-carving.

Business Outline
Manufacturing and sales of Ise Katagami Production of silk screen prints
Address/ Contact Information
〒510-0241 27-25 Ejima Honmachi, Suzuka-shi, Mie-ken